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Syrian Christians in the Midst of War

Dienstag, 11.06.2019

Expertentalk und Diskussion; 24. Juni, 17:00-18:30, SR 47.11

The war in Syria affected all of its population heavily: More than 10 million people fled their home, over 13 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. Among those are many Christians. Syria, once the cradle of Christianity, has become an uncertain place for its many Christian inhabitants. They find themselves between a government that claims to guarantee their safety and Salafist militants who have pledged to restore the supremacy of Sunni Islam.

Prof. DDr. Pablo Argárate, Dr. Ephrem Ishac (Institue of Ecumenical Theology) and Dr. Maximilian Lakitsch (Conflict – Peace – Democracy Cluster) will discuss the volatile situation of Christians in Syria.

This lecture concludes the seminar "Christians in the Middle East" offered by the Institute of Ecumenical Theology.

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